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Saline District Library 555 N. Maple Rd., 1/2 mile north of Michigan Avenue offers a Local History Room where visitors will find a number of books related to history of Saline, Washtenaw Co., and the State of Michigan. In this room is the collection of microfilmed newspapers dating back to the earliest years of newspaper production in the Village of Saline. The collection of Historic Saline Photographs is available online, as is the collection of newspapers.

Saline Community Fair began in 1935 as an idea for educational activities where members, young and old, from the surrounding communities could come together to promote, educate, and celebrate agriculture as well as rural pastimes. Originally held at Union School and Henne Field, the annual event now takes place at Washtenaw Farm Council Grounds, for more contact Saline Fair

The Bixby Marionette Exhibit was donated to the City of Saline by Meredith Bixby. It goes back to the Depression years, having been developed and used across the nation for 47 years by the Meredith Marionettes Touring Company. Periodically, the Bixby Project Team rotates their puppetry displays, which can be viewed at the Saline District Library, 555 N. Maple Rd., Saline; (734) 429-5450. For more information, contact the Saline District Library.

Celtic Festival is annual July event at the Washtenaw Farm Council Grounds celebrates a sister city relationship with Brecon, Wales. Participants and visitors come from near and far to take part in the festivities that include historical reenactments, music and dance, Highland athletics and more. Millpond Monster Milly steals the show with her antics each year.

Cemeteries of the Saline Area: There are more than 15 cemeteries within the townships in and around Saline. For cemetery names, locations, and cemetery stone readings, contact The Genealogical Society of Washtenaw County . Click on Feedback. For histories, listings, and photos of Pittsfield Township cemeteries, please see: Pittsfield Township Cemeteries on the Pittsfield Township Historical Society website. Oakwood Cemetery has a Friends group. Their Facebook page can be found at Friends Group

Country Schools: 55 Country Schools have been identified, some now are extant, others are buildings now used as houses and/or businesses. Here is a tri-fold flyer that names and locates each school. Or call (734) 944-0442 and leave your name and address for a hard copy. For information, histories, and photos of Pittsfield Township schools, please see: School Houses of Pittsfield Township on the Pittsfield Township Historical Society website.

US 12 Heritage Trail: The Michigan Avenue corridor between Detroit and Chicago has been known by many names since the early 1800s. Originally, it was the Sauk Trail; other names are Military Road, Chicago Road, and now Michigan Avenue. Centuries in the making, the trail is a road that has connected animal, man, industry, culture, and nature. Bridging Southern Michigan's east and west shores, the US 12 Heritage Trail is an unconventional destination that encourages the traveler to journey its winding way, meet its people, explore its places and uncover its hidden treasures. It is the second road in the nation to have been built by the federal government. Throughout the year, communities along its route plan special themed events to draw tourists. Updated information is available from

Walking Tours of Historic Saline, Michigan are two self-guided tours that will lead you down one of Michigan's most historic routes, the Detroit-Chicago Road. One tour leads past an exquisite mansion; the other to a beautiful old mill. These two tours can be combined into one 2-hr. tour. For a Walking Tour leaflet, contact the Historic District Commission at Saline City Hall, 100 N. Harris St., Saline, MI 48176 (734) 429-4907.  A large map appears on the outside wall of the KeyBank at the corner of N. Ann Arbor St. and Michigan Ave.