Wine List

Chardonnay-A wonderful PA Chardonnay, aged IN OAK to perfection. Serve Chilled
Chardonnay Gold- A bold, fresh, fruity, semi-dry-white wine crafted with No Oak. Serve slightly chilled.
Pinot Grigio - A semi-dry, sprightly white wine. Perfect with oysters, clams, fish & shellfish. Serve chilled.
Riesling- A wonderful dry version of Riesling. A favorite of many Riesling drinkers. Serve Chilled
Moonglow - A blend of Chardonnay & Peach to enchant your sense of smell & taste. Serve chilled.
Gewurztraminer - A semi-sweet edgy white wine that will tingle your senses. Served Chilled
Cayuga Kiss - A freshing semi-sweet all Cayuga with just a kiss of sweetness. Serve Chilled
Kinzua Journey-A semi-sweet blend of 3 white grapes, with a taste of tropical fruit & citrus. Crafted to honor the Kinzua Skywalk. (A potion of sales will go toward the ANFVB to promote tourism in our region). Serve Chilled
Sweet Vidal Blanc` - Awonderful sweet Vidal wine, with a pineapple finish. Serve Chilled
Chantilly White-Our delicious sweet white blend of PA grapes for that sweet wine lover. Serve Chilled
Grandview White Niagara-The natvie American white grape transforms into a sweet sipping wine. Serve chilled.
MapleVine - A very unique wine crafted with PA Chardonnay & sweetened with Sprague's Maple Syrup. A must sample
Merlot -A PA Merlot. Dry & full bodied, but young & sassy with a deep, rich color & flavor. Serve at room temperature.
RoseBud Red - A PA dry blend of Cabernet Sauvignon & Merlot, a terrific vintage for those dry wine lovers. Serve at Room Temperature
Cabernet Franc - A peppery, dry, light red wine with just a hint of berry. Serve at room temperature.
DeChaunac - A medium bodied, dry red wine, vinted with a touch of oak. Serve at room temperature.
Marechal Foch - A full bodied, spicy, semi-dry red wine with a bold, beautiful color. Serve at room temperature.
Leon Millot - A semi-dry, full bodied red wine. Bright with a berrylike fruitiness. No oak. Serve at room temperature.
Marechal Foch - A full bodied, spicy, semi-sweet red wine with a bold, beautiful color. Serve Chilled.
Wilderness Red - A refreshing, semi-sweet blend with a wild kick on your palate and a mesmerizing wildfire color. Crafter to promote the 12 distinct counties in our region known as The Pennsylvania Wilds! Serve slightly Chilled.
Whitetail Country Red - A refreshing, semi-sweet, Fredonia wine with a bouquet of cotton candy. Serve chilled.
Sweet Angel Red - Our very popular sweet red blend, hearty and full of flavor. Serve Chilled.
Sleepy Hollow Red - A delightful, sweet blend of Concord & Niagara. Serve chilled. BIG SELLER
Pink Catawba - A sweet, yet tart sipping wine that grabs your palate..Perfect with cheese & crackers.. Chill
Ruby Z - A Zampogna Family favorite, an awesome blend of 3 wines making a delightful Semi-sweet Rose` wine
Flickerwood Sunset - A soft, semi-sweet, blush that is a blend of Native American & French hybrid grapes. Serve chilled
Specialty Wines
(No artificial flavoring or water added to wine!)
Flickerberry Dew-Our Red Raspberry & Blackberry Blend, a delicious taste of summer in a bottle. Serve Chilled
Red Raspberry - BACK BY POPULARD DEMAND-Our sweet all Raspberry Wine that you will love. Serve chilled
Strawberry Fields - A delectable, sweet blend of Strawberry & Rhubarb, like grandma's pie. Serve chilled.
Spezie Pesca Vino (Spiced Peach Wine) - The perfect blend of PA peaches with fresh mulling spices. Serve chilled, at room temperature or heated.