Fine Craft

Treasures You Never Knew You Always Wanted...
For 25 years Seebecks has showcased a variety of hand-crafted art pieces made from artisans all over North America. Art glass that is blown, flame-worked and etched is appealing to the serious or amateur collector. Beautifully crafted wood products that can be used on a daily basis is always a welcome addition to any home. When the consumer connects with a product that is handmade, it can be magical and most likely will be something cherished for many years. Fine craft is a collectable, not a throw away, stop in to see our array of treasures that may just inspire you to buy! 
Art glass
Mary Melinda Wellstadt. Etched & painted glass vessels. Stop in store or call to see her work.
Bill Tabor. Exotic Sands. Wooden looking glass structure with moving sand encased to create designs as it moves.
Handcrafted ceramic tiles and clocks
Handcrafted ceramic tiles and handcrafted clocks are just a small selection of our fine craft merchandise represented.