Pearl Jewelry

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Imperial Pearls
Imperial Pearls Bride and Bridesmaid
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Akoya Pearl Strands, Necklaces, Bracelets and Stud Earrings
Akoya Pearl Strands, Bracelets and Studs
Freshwater Pearl Strands, Necklaces and Stud Earrings
Freshwater Pearl Strands and Studs
Fresh Water Pearl and Sterling Silver Bracelets
Freshwater Pearl and Sterling Silver Bracelets
Freshwater Pearl and Diamond Ring
Freshwater Pearl and Diamond Ring
Freshwater Pearl and Diamond Earrings
Freshwater Pearl and Diamond Earrings
Freshwater Pearl and Diamond Pendant
Freahwater Pearl and Diamond Pendant
Pearl by Pearl Necklaces

Pearl by Pearl: Begin a tradition one pearl at a time. Start with the gift of a pearl solitaire and add a new beautiful pearl for every special occasion. Classic pearls are a tradition in many families and there is no better way to start that tradition than Pearl by Pearl.
Storing Pearls
Don't store your pearls with other jewelry, because they can be scratched easily when metal or gemstones rub against them.
Find a special slot in your jewelry box for the pearls, or keep them in a soft bag made from chamois or another non-abrasive material.
Your fine pearl necklaces should be restrung periodically so that you're sure the silk or nylon cord holding them is in good shape.
Make sure your pearls are far away from harsh chemicals such as ammonia, perfumes, vinegar, etc.  All these substances will damage pearls.

Caring for Your Pearls
Even cultured pearls with thicker coatings are more fragile than most other gemstones, so you must handle them carefully to keep them in the best condition.
  • Your pearls will stay cleaner if you put them on after you've applied your makeup and perfume.
  • Be sure to take off your pearl rings before you apply hand and body creams.
  • Wipe your pearls with a soft, lint-free cloth as soon as you take them off. The cloth can be dampened with water or it can be dry. If damp, allow the pearls to air dry before putting them away.
  • Dirty pearls can be cleaned with a mild soap and water solution.
  • Never clean your pearls with solutions that contain ammonia or harsh detergents.
  • Don't put pearl jewelry in an ultrasonic cleaner.
  • Don't use abrasive cleaners or rub pearls with abrasive cloth. Both can wear away the nacre coating, leaving you with a plain looking bead that has no luster.