Fashion Jewelry

See below a partial selection of fashion jewelry available in store
at K E Butler & Co Jewelers.
The UnoAerre company was established in 1926 in Arezzo, Italy.  1AR, meaning the first in Arezzo, is the symbol of the UnoAerre brand recognized worldwide as the leading manufacturer of Italian Jewelry. The 1AR brand has been woven into Italian culture over the years. Throughout Italy there are UnoAerre museums dedicated to their Italian craftsmanship in jewelry making.
This exclusive collection of jewelry is created using metals and selected alloys with delicately crafted materials,  such as semi-precious stones and enamel.  Each article is finished with a special acrylic resin to further enhance the durability of the Italian 18K gold color.  You can easily check its authenticity by the unmistakable 1AR logo that accompanies every creation.
1AR Italian Enamel and 18K gold-plated bracelet
1AR Enamel Tortise Shell and 18K Gold-Plated Bracelet
1AR Italian 18K gold-plated Gucci style bracelet
1AR Two-Toned 18K Gold-Plated Gucci Style Bracelet
1AR Italian Two-Toned Earrings
1AR Two-Toned Textured 18K Gold-Plated Earrings
1AR Italian Teo-Toned Bracelet
1AR Two-Toned Textured Circle 18K Gold-Plated Bracelet

Dizeo- Jewels of Desire - About US
The name, DIZEO, comes from the Spanish root word “deseo” or desire. True to its intent, Dizeo fulfills every woman’s deepest desire to own a piece of jewelry with truly unparalleled craftsmanship and mesmerizing brilliance.
Our sterling silver jewelry is hand set by craftsmen with our brilliant Deso ideal cut simulated diamonds, which is guaranteed to captivate her attention. Combined with the unique color palette of white, rose or yellow over sterling silver, our unique metal work and lustrous shine enhances the beauty of each and every piece of jewelry. The golden metals are imbued with depth and texture when combined with the cool gleam of sterling silver.

Dizeo Sterling Silver and CZ Flower and Twist Ring
Flower Twist Ring
Dizeo Sterling Silver and CZ Dome Filigree Ring
Dome Filigree Ring
Dizeo Sterling Silver and CZ Channel Look Ring
Chanel Look Ring
Dizeo Sterling Silver and CZ Large Cross Pendant
Large Cross Pendant
Dizeo Sterling Silver and CZ Lock and Key Pendant
Rose Key and Lock Pendant
Dizeo Sterling Silver and CZ Small Fancy Cross Pendant
Small Fancy Cross Pendant
Dizeo Sterling Silver Rose and White Pendant
Rose and White Pendant
Dizeo Sterling Silver and CZ Rose and White Dangle Earrings
Rose and White Dangle Earrings
Dizeo Sterling Silver and CZ Halo Stud Earrings
Cushion Halo Stud Earrings
Dizeo Sterling Silver and CZ Cushion Halo Pendant
Cushion Halo Pendant
Dizeo Sterling Silver and CZ Pave Ball Stud Earrings
Pave Ball Stud Earrings
Dizeo Sterling Silver and CZ Inside-Out Large Hoop Earrings
Inside-Out Large Hoop Earrings
Dizeo 18KY Over Sterling Silver and CZ Eternity Band
Eternity Band

THE ANGELICA COLLECTION shows over 1300 easily adjustable bracelets and charms with symbols from spiritual to whimsical, from romantic to sentimental, along with exciting new licensed products.  Endless ways to let a woman show how she feels, what she believes in and who she is.
GIVING BACK__$.25 of every bracelet sale goes directly to Generation Rescue to support programs that improve the quality of life for those affected by autism.

ECO FRIENDLY__Manufactured from recycled metals