Selecting a Diamond

We have a 37 Inch TV at our house. It happens to be a Vizeo brand and we bought it at Costco. We could have purchased it at Best Buy, Bob's TV and Repair, Target or online through Amazon or many other outlets. Regardless of where we purchased it, when we took the TV out of the box it would have been the same.

If only buying a diamond could be so easy!

As you probably know, diamonds are categorized by the four C's - Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat Weight

Before diamonds of about 1/4 carat or larger are sold they are graded and a grading report is produced. Gem quality diamonds can be given a color grade from D to Z and clarity under 10 power magnification of Internally Flawless (IF) to visibly included (I2 and sometimes I3). These grading reports are not produced by a machine, rather they are done by people in places like Belgium, India, Israel and the U.S. While diamond graders are highly skilled the grades that they give are subjective based on their interpretation of where the individual diamond lies along the color and clarity scales.

These grading reports are sometimes called certificates, implying a certain guarantee in quality. Just like many jobs that are subjective in nature there can be differences between what one grader may grade a particular diamond and the grade that another grader might give it or even the same grader might give it on different days. The grading report is one person's opinion at a particular place and time.

So, unlike the 37 Inch TV that we purchased, all one carat G color, VS1 clarity diamonds are not the same and will not look the same.

Depending on the cut, even though the color and clarity grading might be the same, if you put 10 identically graded diamonds next to each other, they probably will all look different. Some will have more sparkle, some will be flatter or chubbier than others. Some might have a little bit of a milky look to them that probably means they will fluoresce (probably blue) under UV light.

That makes it very important that you look at a diamond and see if it speaks to you. Remember your tastes and preferences are different and what appeals to you might not to someone else, even though the color and clarity grade of the diamonds being looked at are the same.

These days it's easy to find and buy a diamond online that has a grading report for the color and clarity you want at a price that fits your budget. But, will that diamond sparkle and speak to you and to the person you are giving it to for a lifetime? 

There really is no way to know for sure without seeing the diamond. While many people buy diamonds online and are very happy with them, make sure that you know the return policy before you buy just in case. Or better yet, come in and talk to us about diamonds. We'll be happy to talk with you and tell you what to look for and what considerations are important and show you some of our diamonds so you can make the best choice - whether you ultimately buy your diamond from us or not.