Unused Medicine Disposal

Properly Dispose of Unused Medications

Do you have unused medications that you need to properly dispose of?

Simply bring in your unused or expired prescriptions and we will be sure they are disposed of properly for you!

In an effort to keep medications out of our water supply and landfills, Scott Drug Pharmacy is participating in the TakeAway medication take-back program.  TakeAway is a statewide program utilizing community pharmacies as take-back sites for Iowans to safely discard unused or expired medications that may be dangerous to others and to the environment.

Take Away environmental return system for prescription medication at scott drug
Items we can take:
• Most prescription medications and over the counter medications

Items we cannot take:
• Controlled substances
• Liquids in quantities over 4 ounces
• Hazardous materials (i.e. mercury, arsenic, etc.)
• Sharps