Personal Rx Systems

Looking for a safer, easier way to take your daily medications?
  • Do you forget to take your medications?
  • Do you forget to take medications at the correct time?
  • Do you get confused/over whelmed by your medications?
  • Are you a caregiver looking for amore convenient stress-free system?

Scott Drug has the solution!  We are offering a convenient packaging system designed just for you.  Each pack is pre-packaged with your medications by a Scott Drug pharmacist.
personal prescription systems at Scott Drug Pharmacy
Patient Benefits:
  • Medications are organized by day and time for a 28 day period.
  • Packaging assists patients with medication adherence and compliance.
  • Reduces multiple trips to the pharmacy. 
  • Eliminates numerous medication vials.  All oral medications (including vitamins) are packaged in a convenient 6" x 10" card.
Talk to your Scott Drug Pharmacist about the benefits of a personal prescription system!