We enjoy the products from Bennett Galleries because, they are virtually one of a kind, and our competitor next door doesn’t have them. And Stephen has done a good job of protecting us locally

We love offering pieces form Bennett Galleries because we know our clients will not find them in catalogs or countless other stores. Having unique and beautifully crafted pieces helps us set ourselves apart and makes us a destination for discerning shoppers! No one ever regrets buying quality.

As a Sales Associate in a high traffic showroom in the DC Design Center, I am blessed to have access and the pleasure to work with the experienced staff at Bennett Galleries! Each piece of furniture and/or lighting highlights the finest artisans crafting with unique finishes. We are a go-to showroom for many Designer and Architects in the DC Metro Area knowing that we will have the “show stopper” piece for any they have been given the task to design and furnish. I am thrilled to work with Stephen and his team to offer unique furniture pieces constructed by experts in their fields.

Bennett Galleries offers high quality furniture with beautiful details and exceptional finishes. Their customer service and responsiveness to inquiries is top notch as well. Our clients expect the very best and Bennett Galleries delivers just that!

I just wanted to take this time to say 'Thank You' for all of your time and attention on the many projects that we have worked on together. The quality of your products is fantastic and my clients have all been completely satisfied with them which makes my job so much easier. Your finishes and attention to detail are so much nicer than what I have encountered in the market today. It seems that so many products are being made by cutting corners and using lesser materials. This is definitely not the case with your products. I am so happy to have discovered you as a source for my many design projects and I look forward to working on many more together in the future.